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Say Yes to Fast Furniture and Fitouts


Save Time and Money this End of Financial Year (EOFY)!

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2018 Agile Working Furniture Must-Haves

Get one or get them all!

Corporate Living certified Agile Working 'must-haves' in your own office. Download the PDF.


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3 Steps to an Office Spring Makeover


With the warmer climate on its way, spring is the ideal time to get out those spider webs and rethink the work environment.

Get rid of the mess and modify the office space to give staff a truly necessary mental lift and will guarantee a significantly positive business outlook.

Get the 3 easy tips here ...



2017 Office Most Wanted List

Get these certified 'must haves' into your own office. Download the PDF.


Easy Tips to Move More at Work

Do you know how much time you sit in a day?

You sit to eat breakfast, then in the car and then most of the day at your work desk (including sitting at your favourite spot for lunch, in a meeting or attending training). And then you sit some more on the train or back in the car, sit again to eat dinner and then in front of the TV until you get sleepy and ready for bed.

The hours you sit all add up to tremendous health risks.It is high time to try our simple tips to move more in the office.

Are you set for the new Financial Year?

It's the new Financial Year. What does this mean for you and your business?

Whilst most focus on New Year's resolutions, we reckon this time is equally critical especially for businesses to plan, set goals, review performance of the prior year, and more.

So we've put together this Top 4 Must-consider things this new Financial Year.


3 Things Most Productive Offices Have in Common

Today's office revolution advocates giant slides, multi-purpose spaces, green walls and floors and comfy bean bags replacing the old cubicle.

Around the world, employers have recognised the critical role that office space plays to influence productivity and engagement.

But are these trendy and fancy features the key to unleashing efficiency? Read more on these 3 features.

2016 Office 10 Most Wanted List 

Get more information and bring these certified office 'must haves' to your own workplace.

Get the PDF.

Trending: #StandUpAustralia, #RiseRecharge (VIDEO)


How much do you love your chair? Are you chair-aware?


Did you know?

•Australians and office workers in particular, spend most of their waking hours sitting — the average adult sits for nine hours a day while office workers sit for two thirds of their working hours.

•Long periods of sitting increases the risk of developing chronic diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

•People who sit for more than eight hours a day are at a 15% greater risk of early death, and those who sit for longer than 11 hours a day are at a 40% greater risk of early death, than those who sit less.

•Perhaps surprisingly, even if someone exercises regularly, sitting for too long will still put them at risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Corporate Living supports #StandUpAustralia and #RiseRecharge initiatives. Why not download our Active Working Solutions brochure.

Watch Rise and Recharge Video

Watch Sitting is Deadly Video

Source: https://www.bakeridi.edu.au/riserecharge/ and http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst

What Makes a Healthy Office?

Everyone is talking about creating a healthy office. But what are the components? How do you create one? Where do you start? Here's Corporate Living's one-page guide to making a Healthy Workstation.

Turnbull's Standing Order

Turnbull uses a standing-desk, so what now?

Dubbed as the latest 'cool' office craze after giant slides and sleeping pods - all in the name of health and wellness, the height adjustable desk aka standing desk or stand-up desk has indeed gained popularity.

Read more.

Sources: http://abcnews.go.com

Debunking Fitness Myths: Standing Desks

Experts weigh in on whether standing desks at the office are really better for your body.

View video.

Sources: http://abcnews.go.com

The Science of behind Power Naps

Sleeping-on-the-job used to be 'taboo' but not anymore as more and more companies embrace the extraordinary benefits power napping offer including: relaxation, reduced fatigue, increased alertness, improved mood and improved performance.

Read more.

Sources: AsapScience, SleepFoundation

Why Sitting Will Kill You

This article by Peta Rasdien unravels your favorite chair as a potential death trap. Your chair is the new health enemy. Sitting has joined well-known foes such as cigarettes, obesity and alcohol as a villain which leads to death and disease.

Read the article.

Sources: The West Australian

Sitting on Most Unwanted List

Another article by Peta Rasdien with tips on how to reduce your risk. Read the article.

Sources: AsapScience, SleepFoundation

Are You Sitting Too Much (VIDEO)

According to a fitness website, even if you exercise but sit more than eight hours a day, sitting still significantly increases your risk of dying from any cause.

Watch Video and find out if you are sitting too much. You may also find this PDF on Sedentary Lifestyle very enlightening.

Sources: Chandler Macleod, Fast Company, Wired, Mercola, AsapScience 

Colours + Glass (Partitions) = Balance 

When Airey Real Estate contacted Corporate Living to construct a workspace for their sales team that would boost productivity, they allowed our Corporate Living designers the freedom to achieve this goal in whichever way they wanted.

Project Objective: Office space suitable for Sales Team to boost productivity

Project Theory: Partitions do more than just dividing a space. Partitions can serve many different functions: operational efficiency, flexibility, acoustics and aesthetics.

Project Methodology: Use relocateable partitioning to provide privacy and lessen distractions, while providing meeting areas where collaboration can take place.

Project Outcome: View the Airey RE project gallery

The Best Chair in the World (VIDEO)

Corporate Living is proud to present the best chair in the world, and we offer proof. This video is called "Es istdie Neugier, etwas nie Dagewesenes zu schaffen" which translates to "The enjoyment of creating something that has never been seen before."

Watch Video

Standing orders - Real science lies behind the fad for standing up at work

Winston Churchill knew it. Ernest Hemingway knew it. Leonardo da Vinci knew it. Every trendy office from Silicon Valley to Scandinavia now knows it too: there is virtue in working standing up. And not merely standing. The trendiest offices of all have... read more

Stunning Project Showcase

Corporate Living are proud to showcase our most recently completed project in Claremont. Our clients; Caporn Young wanted to achieve an office space that was light, airy and modern and one that reflects the corporate vision of this innovative and successful real estate agency. Visitors to the office are greeted with a bright, contemporary... read more and see pictures.

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 The best chair in the world?

The Silver range from Interstuhl is nearly here. At Corporate Living we have sourced a range of products which feature the most cutting edge design and integrated technologies available in the market place. These pieces have been hand picked from across the globe by our furniture consultants here in Canning Vale for their beauty, intelligence and design aesthetics. To experience the truly exceptional qualities of this range contact us today for a free consultation.

pdfSilver by Interstuhl.pdf177.55 KB

Is your office making your staff sick?

Workplace ergonomics is not a subject to be taken lightly, if executed correctly it can enhance performance outcomes by as much as 11% and as such has a direct impact on your company's bottom line. According to latest research 37% of all work related injuries are caused by poor ergonomic conditions, these injuries and subsequent loss of revenue can be easily avoided by identifying workplace ergonomics as a business priority.

Corporate Living are experts at detecting and correcting and poor workplace ergonomics, we have over 25 years experience in office design and stock one the largest ranges of ergonomically tested office furniture ranges in WA. Contact us today to book a FREE ergonomics assessment with one of our trained furniture consultants.

Is your office making your staff sick.pdf - (PDF 257Kb)

The truth about workplace ergonomics

Other Articles

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What height is the best for office screens and partitions (PDF, 920Kb)
Optimum heights for screens and partitions

Components of a Healthy Workstation (PDF, 680Kb)
Learn about the ‘MUST HAVES’ for a Healthy Workstation set-up in your office today!

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