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Turnbull’s standing order

Turnbull uses a standing-desk, so what now?

Dubbed as the latest 'cool' office craze after giant slides and sleeping pods - all in the name of health and wellness, the height adjustable desk aka standing desk or stand-up desk has indeed gained popularity.

Most specially this past week as images of PM Turnbull's office desk grace news top pages along with his other innovative office accessories.

Turnbull desk 2 web
Australia’s 29th prime minister is making ‘innovation’ the focus of his government’s agenda and this is mirrored even on his choice of office furniture. His office has two desks: a seated one and a standing desk for when he is working from his laptop and iPad.

The benefits of standing desks are plenty – not only do they improve on wellbeing and productivity, they as well enhance corporate culture encouraging communication and collaboration.

So should your business follow the Prime Minister’s lead? PM’s standing order is obvious. Contact Corporate Living.

Source: smh.com.au, smartcompany.com.au

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